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Talk // Gloria Noto Pt 2

April 24, 2014


In our second installment of Talk with Gloria Noto we talk about her makeup artistry experiences, and her most famous celebrity client- Shailene Woodley - the star of Divergent and upcoming film The Fault in Our Stars.


How long have you been a makeup artist for?

You know, I always knew I liked doing makeup- I thought I'd even go to hairschool, but that involves a lot of time that I don't have, unfortunatley. I have been doing makeup technically since I was about 18/19 because that's when I started working for a makeup brand...but that was retail, so it  kind of all happened pretty quickly, I became a national creative executive for a big brand when I was about 22, which was kind of insane.  That lasted three months, and I was like- screw this, I am out of here, I don't want any more corporate garbage.  I think thats when the economy crashed- and everyone was like " youre leaving your six figure job to go freelance?!"  I was like "yes!"  I got signed with an agency within a week so that was cool, so basically from about 22/23 to 29 was my real freelance career as a makeup artist.  The benefit of knowing what you want to do when you are at a young age is that you get to really love what you do.  It has really really allowed me to simmer in my career and really take foot in it.  I made a name, and stayed put in a great location.   I have thought about going all over, leaving and going to Europe, but what is great is that I work in New York a few times a year, I work in Europe a few times a year, I am with one of the best agencies, which I am so grateful to be part of. It has been a really amazing career, I am super thankful. 


6) Where do draw your inspiration from?


Thats always such a tricky question, because its sort of cliche- and it sounds cliche- it sort of comes from within, in a way.  Its all about- for me- the person.  Who I am working with. I look at them and see what works for them, if they have an interesting shape on their face, I might accentuate it, or get inspired. Like- their eye may be really great with a very dark sort of brush of black,or all they need is mascara! They may have amazing skin,  and then I will  want to make it look liquidy.  I definitley love 90s culture, I love grunge... but more like... 90s super model.  I also really love new wave and I get really inspired by music, I get inspired a lot by different cultures, I get inspired by film, it kind of comes from everywhere, I don't have one specific place for it.  Its either really natural, or one focus, or ALL out.  Its one of three things.


7) So what is your craziest on set experience?

I mean, I have been pretty fortunate to not have anything too crazy, but I guess... I mean the only weird thing that has ever happened is that we were shooting for Vanity Fair in someones  backyard, and it was beautiful and big with organic gardens everywhere, and the photographer and his crew bumped into a hornets nest that was underground, and him and his crew got destroyed by hornets! This one guy had like 12 stings- a few  on his head, down his pants, it was insane.  So, that was kind of intense.  Another time- I was doing a photoshoot for Sperry, you know those boat shoes? We were on a boat, there were two boats- the sailboat and the tugboat because the photographer wanted to take photographs of the sail boat.  This was the same weekend as the sailboat races and those races got cancelled because the wind was so insane, yet we were out there and I was literally manifesting a few days prior, before the job- I need an adventure in my life!  I swear, the boat almost capsized, it was insane! A few people puked, I left the sailboat and went onto the tug boat because they didn't need me, and the boat was almost  sideways.  Eventually, the captain was like "we can't do this anymore- we have to stop"  but it was so funny because the model was trying to look totally cool and was trying to hold on to the ropes, but in reality he was super... nervous.  We didn't end up using any of those crazy shots, but that was super intense.  



8) So I have to ask, because its all over everything... how do get Shailene Woodley's look?

I am actually being recorded doing it tomorrow on Popsugar!  She's pretty vocal about what she wants- shes not one of those people who are like "make me up however you think I should look." Whether its the hair, the clothes, the makeup, the nails- or not doing the nails- or whatever the case is, she has an opinion.  Shes a real human being, and thats the cool thing. Yes, shes a big acctress now, but she is a real human being who kind of just doesn't care about a lot of this stuff. So, for her makeup, she - it was funny because the first time I ever did her makeup, she was like " I really like it natural..I kind of like what you have" which was a reddish brown underneath, so we kind of based it off of my look originally, but as time went on, as years went on, she became more and more involved in wanting organic product. She discovered some good brands, and I discovered some good brands, so basically we kind of stick to three brands, and were open to trying new ones, but these are our main "go tos"  Tarte, we do a lot of Tarte blushes or lip tones or eye shadows we do 100% pure which is a brand that is literally made out of crushed up apricots and coco powder and all this really beautiful stuff, its literally 100% pure. We use that for foundation. I like to use Rosemary Swift, her living luminizer highlighter, its all organic, raw, coconut based product. So what we do is we start with really clean, 100% pure tinted moisturizer and the concealer, and then I kind of go in with a reddish brown eye shadow or eye liner - I really like this ultra vou red eyeliner, because her eyes are hazel, so it brings out the green. The red brown brings out the green. So kind of line her eye with that and then buff it out with a little brush. She likes to keep her eyelids clean becaue it kind of makes her eyes open more. When you keep your eyelid- in the center- clean or lighter, it pulls forward, so we keep it clean and buff out the outer edges so it gives it a sort of cat eye. When we want it to be more dramatic, we line it over with a black liquid or a black creme.  Then she prefers to do her mascara, which I don't blame her, so she can get right in there. We use Tarte mascara, and makes them really thick and long. Then we brush her eyebrows. Sometimes we do a stain on her lip- a berry stain. She has a very deep lip color naturally, so often she just does a natural lip conditioner, and I will just use a brown base bronzer, the Tarte one I really love- the amazonian clay one, to bring out her cheek bones a little bit. And then use some sort of pink or berry tone blush on the apples of the cheeks and like I said, a living luminizer I will add to the temples, a little inner corner, right above the lip, and um thats the general look that we do.  It's totally achievable for anybody, which is nice. 


Stay tuned for our third installment of Talk with Gloria Noto on Monday to get some amazing lip tips, and other fun insider secrets. 

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