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Talk // Gloria Noto Pt. 3

May 26, 2014

Today we are posting the final installment of our Gloria Noto interview.  We talk about photoshoots and makeup tips- check it out below!


We saw you did a photo shoot with Shailene Woodley for the Hollywood Reporter. What was it like to be on the otherside of the camera for the Hollywood Reporter shoot?


To be honest that is always a little uncomfotable for me. Don't get me wrong- it is fun, cause it gives you some sort of weird energy high. I enjoyed it it was flattering.  Definitely  fed my ego! It was fun, I mean how cool is it to do a photoshoot with your client?  That you love working with, who is also a friend, while  celebrating you and your career.  So, I loved it, it was really fun, the people at the Hollywood Reporter are really great and sweet. David Needleman, the photographer is amazing. So it was really amazing to be able to be one of the top listed makeup artists and being shot by an incredible photographer. I felt like it was definitely a high point in my career. I really want to get on a "30 under 30" list before I turn 30... which is in six months.  I feel like I looked like a little tough  like "don't mess with my chick".. you know? " dont mess with us." But that's my face- I can't help it.  


Okay, so next,  we see that you brought some of your lip color.  What are your lip tips and hints? Whats a great color for Spring?  


 Well I guess it depends on what type of lip you are going for.  Its very subjective because everyones personality is very different. I don't believe in following rules, I will wear a plum lipstick in the middle of the day in the summer if I feel like it. So,  trend is really depending on the person. What do you want? What do you like? And doing it with a taste level and doing it with precision.  Whether it is having more of a stain, and you want to like use a plum, but you don't want it to be super intense, put lip conditioner on, put your plum on, blot it a few times, and have a beautiful flush lip.  I think that's always on trend and always beautiful. I also think that a red orange looks amazing on most people.  It is warm and has that red in there so its got a classic feel to it, but the pop of orange make it feel fun and cheery. So, there's this brand NARS and I love it. It is called Red Square, it is probably one of the best worn reds because for a few reasons 1) it is a pencil shape so you can get in there and get really great definition on the outer edges and fill it all in. It is also matte which I think is also great because it stays on.


So I love that, I also really love a pale pink- like almost a very sort of coral pale pink sort of color.  Um,  it just sort of gives yo... this Tarte one is called Tipsy, it is really nice, it is ultimately a light pink and I think that something like that is really good for a lot of different skin tones, because it has got enough skin tones it wont look too milky, but if you are pale it gives you the right amount of color. 

Also, I mean I really love this sort of like Matte wine color- it is almost like a raisin.  This is called " Les Sommes Tous" by Chanel, Something like this is really really good for almost anybody just because it has that brown in there and that tone is really nice and natural. 



I love using lipsticks as stains and just buffing it out... Um, you could always use it as a blush if you wanted- or even on your eyelid- which I love doing.  What else did I bring... there is this sort of serious plum something like this is really nice, and if you want to kind of make it more vampy you can always add same tone right on time, and give it that really metallically wet sort of feel.  


I love this.  And also, I really love this by itself, its really beautiful plum raisin- its a little sheer and shimmery.  It's not sticky. 

This is  NARS lip gloss, it is amazing

What is   also really nice is that Tarte also makes their pencil the tones are amazing. I love them.  So its like a lipstick and pencil in one.  Its more like a lipstick.

It goes well with beautiful brows and a natural look, you can pair it with this color called "exposed" so something like that- these tones are all really good. It depends on who you are, and what you are wearing, and what you feel like.  For me-  there is never really one thing or another- its more like "how do I feel that day?"   Its totally subjective- I don't believe in trends like I said.  Trends are ever changing- what are you going to follow what other people tell you to do- and it looks like garbage on you?  


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