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Talk // Alysha Marcantonio

June 18, 2014
Meet Alysha Marcantonio:
Alysha is Pale Violet's go-to make up artist for all of our photo shoots.  We sat down with her recently and asked her about her life, her  artistry, and some pro tips for this summer's make up trends. 

What is a day in the life like for you?
A day in my life is quite chaotic! If it’s a shoot day, I’m usually up before the crack of dawn getting ready to get to set. I always leave extra early because you just never know what LA traffic will be like. I have to prep my kit the night before, which means washing about 100 brushes and reorganizing and sanitizing every product. The night before I also like to revisit all the info and inspiration for the job I will be doing. I’m almost always on set for about 12 hours. So the days are really long and never the same. I don’t really have days off, even when I’m off I’m working from home answering emails and prepping for future jobs. I spend a lot of time looking for new products as well. You have to stay updated! But to be honest, I do love chaos! I get bored when I don’t have things that need to be done. I could never do the same thing every day, routine is just not for me! 

What inspires you?

As an artist I really do find inspiration in everything. But more specifically for me, I find I am most inspired by emotions and by people. I love to sit and talk to someone and get inside their head. I like to know what makes people tick, and listening to a deep story from someone inspires me greatly. When I’m really moved by something, I store those emotions in my mind and in my heart. Later, when the time to be creative comes, I revisit those thoughts and feelings and let everything come out artistically. As a makeup artist, I rarely do face charts. I work best when I can create right in the moment, organically. I don’t like to plan too much, because I feel that it takes away from the creative process. To me, being an artist is all about being fearless. I am also so very inspired by fashion- I love to look at clothing textures and colors. I love to see where other creative minds are at. Writing, sculpting, painting, fashion- it's all relevant in my makeup looks. 

What is your signature look?

Well if you ever see me without winged eyeliner on then there is definitely something wrong! I would say my signature look is pretty dark, I like to keep it edgy and glamorous. Stilletto nails always! I love dark hair, red lips, and a good faux fur. I guess you could say a modern day Cruella, minus the puppy killing. I live for individuality. I love seeing a woman with sass and confidence for days. You don’t need to follow the rules or the trends, you just need to find a look that works for you, that makes you feel like the fabulously fierce woman(or man) that you are.  

What is your most memorable on set experience?

I feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful memories from working on set with such amazing and creative people. I recently worked on a commercial with David LaChapelle and I would have to say that shoot holds the most memories for me. He’s such an iconic figure in this industry and working with him was really inspiring and fulfilling. He’s just such an artist, you know? A lot of people in this industry lose that, they lose the artistry. But he has such a vision, and I respect that so much. 

 What are your summer makeup tips?

Summer is all about simple and fresh makeup! Unless you’re like me and wear plum lipstick year round (In that case, work it out girl!). I love a good bronzer to warm up the skin, and a pop of color on the lips. Bronzer is the best way to get the perfect sun-kissed glow, without damaging your skin! My favorite summer product right now is the NARS illuminator, in all of the shades! It adds the perfect amount of glow to the skin. My other serious obsession is the Coola moisturizing sun screen. It’s completely organic and fabulous, it works as an anti-aging moisturizer and also protects you from harmful summer rays. It’s perfect for under your summer makeup glam!

What is your favorite item from

I absolutely adore my modern vice chloe boots, they are my most comfortable shoes for a long day on set and they are so cute! I get the most compliments on all my PV pieces. I have a lot of older PV items and they are true staple pieces in my wardrobe!  

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Julia Blake
Julia Blake


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