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Fashion Is A State Changer

March 30, 2015

It's so amazing when you see someone you grew up with pursuing their dreams! One of my oldest friends, Jessica Carroll, has her hands in so many cool things! One of her many focuses is her blog Dress Jess XO! We met up so she could interview me for her amazing lifestyle blog and you can check it out below!


Sometimes you meet a soul and you instantly notice that there is something that draws you in… something special… something rare… Julia Blake was one of my first friends I ever met when I moved to The United States from Canada. We were 10 years old with no idea what we had planned for the future. Our paths only crossed here and there over the years, and it was her amazing boutique, Pale Violet, and my blog that reunited the two of us. When we meet up this time there was something different about her and I knew she found her purpose in life with Pale Violet. The combination of her friendly, charismatic, and positive personality along with her incredible styling talents she is helping women get out of their funks and feel fabulous in the skin their in! Finding a killer outfit, rockin’ shoes, or a statement accessory is always a great state changer…especially if you have someone like Julia to help you out! Check out her amazing boutique … Pale Violet!


  1. What inspired you to open a boutique and start Pale Violet? Tell us your story.

I’ve always appreciated the craftsmanship that goes into producing clothes. It always amazed me how someone can put on a well made/ styled outfit and completely transform their appearance. After attending fashion school at FIDM, I went on to work as an assistant to a celebrity stylist. It was the job that really helped me understand what I wanted to do… I wanted to style the everyday girl! That’s when Pale Violet came into fruition. We launched our store online in October 2013 and made it accessible for girls all around the globe to shop fashion forward styles!


  1. What are some of the biggest challenges of running a fashion retail shop? What are the moments you enjoy the most?

The hardest part about running a retail/ e-commerce business is the buying. It’s hard to predict how much one style is going to sell, but I’m learning everyday what our customer is gravitating towards. The most rewarding moments are when I get to see a girl find her perfect outfit! When the outfit makes someone feel more confidant, that’s when I know I’ve done my job right.

  1. When you are in a “funk”, either with work or your personal life, what helps brings you back up? What helps change your state from Funk to Fabulous?

New shoes!  I always buy myself a pair of killer heels to help spruce up my mood!


  1. Are there specific brands or “go to’s” that you know pull you out of funks?

Absolutely! My go to shoe brand is Miista, they create the most colorful and fun shoes! For clothing I’m a sucker for Three Floor. It’s our best selling brand in our store and it occupies most of my closet. Three Floor makes me feel like I stand out in the best way possible, it’s definitely fashion forward.

  1. Have you had clients come in the store one way and leave feeling another?

All the time! I had a regular customer who came in the other day who was going through a breakup. We broke out some champagne and helped her find some new dresses to boost her confidence and look! She left with a smile that was ear-to-ear.


  1. What are the top 3 things you sell that seem to turn funk into fabulous?


These Miista Emi Boots just make me feel sexy all the time. The chunky heel allows me to even wear them in the daytime so that I can walk with confidence all day long.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 3.28.48 PM

This “Sophia Dress” by Fala is one of my go to dresses because it’s so easy to just throw on. When I wake up in a rush or am just having one of those days, I just throw this on with a leather jacket and I immediately feel a bit “cooler”.


This “Rosso Jacket” by Three Floor just makes me smile. It’s so fuzzy and fun that it can’t help but brighten my mood!

I was lucky enough to have Julia style me 3 times (all three of my outfits just happened to be Three Floor)!  She is proof that when you look good, you feel good. It is amazing how fashion is a state changer.





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Julia Blake
Julia Blake


CEO/ Creative Director at Pale Violet