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Random Acts Of Pastel // Blogger Of The Month

July 08, 2015
We are back for our July edition of our blogger of the month series! This month we are featuring the absolutely adorable Random Acts Of Pastel! We came across Alyssa on Instagram a while ago and it's clear to see why we became totally obsessed with her. She so obviously knows how to have fun, lots of it, and looks really cute doing it! Since Alyssa lives all the way up in Canada we weren't able to interview her in person (sad face).. BUT she was able to snap some killer pictures of herself in our Lady Pearl Crop Top & Lady Pearl Skirt. Check out our interview below! 
1. What inspired you to start your blog? Has the direction of your blog changed since you originally began it?
I first started my blog as a way to continue writing after journalism school, without my writing being dictated and censored by editors and advertising dollars. I originally wanted to be a magazine editor at a fashion magazine, so I figured blogging was the easiest way to gain that sort of control over my content. 
Originally, RAOP was meant to add a little bit of sweetness and colour to the world. I've always lived in a fairytale of my own making, and I wanted the world that I live in each day to become a place that other people could visit if they wanted to. Of course I never expected so many people would want to come along with me but... the more the merrier right? I don't think much has changed since I got started, except perhaps the massive difference in photo quality!
2. What is your favorite part about being a blogger?
There are too many amazing things about it to sum it all up in one answer! Playing dress up every day is definitely a big plus, as is getting to go on adventures all over the place and still call it work. I think my absolute favourite thing about it has to be the amazing community I have behind me, both online and off. I have the most incredible, talented group of friends and collaborators here in Toronto, but I also have contacts all over the world! It's a pretty special feeling. 
3. What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own fashion blog?
The biggest piece of advice that I always repeat over and over is to do it for yourself. Don't start a blog to get validation from other people or because you want to make it into something crazy lucrative: blog for yourself, be genuine, and do what makes you happy! The rest will come naturally if you're being true to that. 
4. What is a staple piece you think everyone needs in their closet?
A big sparkly jaw-dropping statement necklace. They're like the sprinkles of the fashion world- they make everything they touch so much prettier!
5. What is the #1 piece of fashion advice that you would give to someone?
It's actually very similar to my blog advice funnily enough! Dress for yourself! I hate when people say "dress for your shape" or "wear whatever is most flattering." Life is way too short to be safe. 
I say wear whatever makes you feel happy and excited, whatever makes you feel like the leading lady in the book about your life. Getting dressed should be fun, not a painful process filled with do's and don'ts. Just do you! 
Thank you Random Acts Of Pastel for giving us some insight to your life! We cannot wait to someday have a glitter filled girls day with you! 
P.S. check out Alyssa's favorite PV styles here!

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Julia Blake
Julia Blake


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