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Brow Extensions Changed My Life

July 09, 2015
Thanks to famous faces like Cara Delevingne, the age of the bushy eyebrow looks like it plans to stick around for a long time. Not all of us are blessed with beautiful brows naturally, so we have to find other ways to be a part of this trend. While I was not gifted with the goddess-like eyebrows everyone in Hollywood seems to possess, I was gifted with Angelina Mancinas which is probably the second best thing.
The moment I stepped into the Neihule Salon in Downtown Los Angeles, I knew that I was in good hands and that all of my brow prayers would soon be answered.
Angelina did a treatment called "Brow Extensions" which involves gluing hairs to the brow area to fill them in and give more volume. I explained to her the shape I desired and she got to work. As I laid back in the chair, Angelina meticulously placed hair by hair.
After filling my brows to my desired fullness, Angelina tinted my brows and shaped them up, and just like that I had the dream brows I had always desired.
Thank you, Angelina, for answering my brow prayers. Everyone here at Pale Violet is in love with your work, and we promise that we will be back soon. 

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Julia Blake
Julia Blake


CEO/ Creative Director at Pale Violet