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Summertime Fine

July 14, 2015
Summer is here which means that it's time for some incredible summer fashion and accessories! Currently around the office we are totally digging the color pink. Pink is a great summer color because it goes amazing with that sun kissed skin and the different shades of it can work for so many different occasions. For example, one of our favorite pink items in the shop right now is the Miista Anamaria Soft Pink Sandal. This shoe is the most comfortable sandal that you will rock all summer. Not only is is comfortable, but it's adorable! The baby pink color will add the perfect "pop" to any outfit. Pair these shoes with the Medusa Mini White Clutch and the Quay x Shay Jinx Clear Shades and you'll be well on your way to the perfect outfit.
The summer isn't just about the beach though. There are plenty of fun and exciting events to take place in the evenings. Heading out with some friends to dinner? Don't be afraid to stick with a pop of color and throw on the Miista Val Pool Party Boot. These shoes make a statement with any outfit and even have a little hint of pink, our favorite color for the summer. Add the Quay Kitti Purple Shades and your outfit is complete!
So, our advice is for this summer is to grab your sunnies, a hat, and any other accessories your heart desires, be sure to get some pink in your wardrobe, and head off to the beach!

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Katy Kinnon
Katy Kinnon