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The Sweet Smell of Bon Lux

July 15, 2015
Being located in Downtown Los Angeles isn't always the easiest. The streets don't always smell the best, the air doesn't always feel the freshest, and the lack of large patches of grass can be a bit of a downer. Often I miss my home in New Hampshire, which was abundant with the smells of all the fresh and nature. Recently though, I walked into the office one morning and got a beautiful whiff on something that reminded me so much of home. Sitting on my bosses desk was our newest gift item, Bon Lux Candles. Immediately, I examined each scent and was overcome with joy.
I first looked at the Bonne Nuit Candle. For anyone who loves the fresh smell of the time of night right around dusk, filled with moss and a slight dew, this candle is the one for you. The next candle I looked at was the Sweet Smoke Candle. This candle is for the person that enjoys smoky campfires, or the scent of birthday candles freshly blown out with a slight hint of honey. Next up is the Grass + Clover Candle, my personal favorite. It reminds me of Sunday morning dew and the fresh mowing of grass. Finally, the Asleep in the Clouds Candle. This candle is subtle, smelling of fresh linens and reminding me of a calm breeze by the ocean. Whatever your personal scent preference is, these is a candle for everyone. And, if their incredible smell isn't incentive enough, just take a look at their adorable packaging, the perfect decoration for any home, apartment, or office. 

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Katy Kinnon
Katy Kinnon