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Studio Bicyclette x Pale Violet

July 22, 2015
Here at Pale Violet, there are a few things that are sure to put smiles on our faces. These things include pastels, a cute bag, an incredible blogger, and all things pink. So, when we teamed up with Paige from Studio Bicyclette, you can probably only imagine how excited we were. Paige is an adorable blogger out of Toronto that is definitely on the same wave length as the Pale Violet team when it comes to the color pink. After bonding over our love for all things girly, what better piece to have Paige rock for her blog than our Pink Lady Peplum Shorts?
Once we saw how beautifully styled our shorts were, we knew teaming up with Studio Bicyclette was a dream come true. Our Pink Lady shorts are so fun with their fuschia coloring and flowing silhouette. Paige did an amazing job of dressing down these shorts with a simple graphic T and unique printed clutch. She mentions in her post her love for the color pink and these shorts and we are totally with her. Head over to her blog to read the entirety of her post and be sure to follow her adorable instagram.

Katy Kinnon
Katy Kinnon