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Meet the Team: Julia Blake

August 04, 2015
Hi everyone! We work so hard over here at the Pale Violet Headquarters so we decided that it's time you got to know us a little better. We've decided to highlight a team member each week with a little Q & A session and some adorable pictures. To start off our newest trend, this week will are highlighting our founder and creative director, Julia Blake! 
What prompted you to start Pale Violet?
 This is a question I think every business owner gets a lot. After working in various parts of the fashion industry, it became apparent to me that I really should be doing my own thing. I was working for people who I didn’t share the same vision as, so I figured it was now or never to bring my own creative visions to fruition!! Just kidding, it totally could of happened later in life but I figured lets just do this like right now.
What’s the best advice you could give to someone who wants to start their own business?
 Be VERY clear in your branding right off the bat. This was something that evolved for us and we weren’t as narrowed in when we started. Now that our branding has a very specific look, our business has been growing a bit quicker!
What is your #1 go to item in your closet?
My Miista Anamaria Black Slides. They literally go with everything! Or maybe not everything, but I wear them with everything. *hehe*
When you're not working, what are you doing?
 I sing in a band called Vow with a few of my best friends. So lately my downtime has been taken over by writing music for our full-length record that we are working on. Other than that I try and get as much time in with my boo as possible <3
Favorite restaurant in LA?
 Badmaash! Or Sugarfish! I’m so torn I can’t choose.
Most rewarding part of owning your own business?
 Seeing customers truly living in our clothing. That always makes my heart burst a little bit!
Sweet or Savory?
 A lil bit of both!
Favorite musician?
What TV shows have you been really into lately?
 Please don’t laugh… but I have recently become obsessed with all things The Bachelor/ Bachelorette/ Bachelor in Paradise. I mean c’mon that is some crazy television. 

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