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Details Darling

August 06, 2015
Last week the Pale Violet team went out with our favorite girl gang to get some treats. Part of this amazing girl gang were Aubrey and Kenzie Swift, owners of the creative event and styling blog Details Darling. We love how cute these sisters were and thought all you would love to learn more about them! Be sure to follow their instagram and blog to keep up on all things Details Darling.
1. How did you get into event planning?
If anyone knows our family, they will know that our mother is a fabulous event planner in Scottsdale, Arizona! She has been throwing the best birthday, graduation, baby showers & school dance parties since we can remember. Growing up with that creative & planning gene, we always wanted to follow in her footsteps. After working several events in OC/LA/SD as freelancers and seeing what we liked/didn’t like, we knew that eventually we wanted to start our own business and continue in the event planning field. 
2. Did you two always want to get into business together as sisters?
We always talked about having a family business one day because we had all the right tools to start it. Our mom who was the creator, Aubrey who was the networker, Kenzie who was the designer, our dad who was the builder, our families two best friends who are the florist and caterer - kind of the perfect team. However, that was when we lived in Arizona! So when we moved out to LA, it was just the two of us. 
3. Whats your favorite kind of event to put together?
Anything that has to do with weddings. There is nothing better than playing a major role in a couple's or families live during that day. "Love" is why we got into the business! 
4. What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into the event planning business?
Well event planning is never ending work. Although we may not be working 9-5 traditional jobs behind a desk, we are always trying to find ways to get new clients, build our brand, etc. If you are planning on getting into the event business, you have to be extremely organized and learn how to manage your time! Also, always try to remember why you got into the business. For us, we got into the business because we wanted to play a positive part in someone else's lives - to celebrate love! 
5. When you're not working, whats your favorite thing to do together?
We're from Arizona, so we definitely love being in the sun. We enjoy anything that allows us to be outside! Whether its playing tennis, frolicking around at music festivals, or exploring new places. 

Katy Kinnon
Katy Kinnon