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PV Does DIY// Floral Infused Ice Cubes

August 13, 2015
Welcome to our first installment of "PV Does DIY". Recently, everyone here in our office is obsessing over the fun little website we all know as Pinterest. Pinterest is great for so many things, but one of its best known features is having tons of DIY projects! With so many fun projects to be done, and our offices love for all things crafty, we introduce to you our newest blog feature. We hope that you are inspired by some of our projects and join along in creating them with us.
We at Pale Violet love Pinterest, flowers and everything sweet! While surfing through Pinterest I found a cute and fun DIY great for hot days, Floral Infused Ice Cubes!  I decided to put my own twist on the ones I found created by blogger, Places in the Home. These refreshing treats are easy to make and are delicious in a fresh batch of Lemonade! 
Living in Downtown LA is great for many things, especially for this project! Knowing that the flower district is only a few blocks away, I went on an afternoon walk to gather my supplies! This blogger advised in her post to be sure to use edible flowers and gave some suggestions as to what to use. We chose a bouquet of cute pink flowers! 
First wash your flowers, as well as boil the water for your ice. Boiling the water makes the ice crystal clear so you can see the beautiful flowers. After the water was cool I added a shallow layer into my ice cube tray followed by the flower then froze it until it was solid. Then freeze your floral ice cubes in an additional layer which helps the flower stays in place! A couple hours later my floral ice cubes were ready to add to my lemonade! 
The sun is always shining here in Downtown LA so I decided to spend the afternoon at my roof top pool and enjoy my project! They made my lemonade so cute and fun! I highly recommend making these refreshing treats yourself or with some of your best friends! 


  • Flowers: Rose and Lavender (Both are edible! Other edible flowers include; pansies, nasturtiums, marigolds, violets and geraniums)
  • Herbs: Mint
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Distilled Boiled Water (When boiled ice cubes will appear clear rather than cloudy!)
  • Cute glass/ straw
  • Lemonade


Tip: When froze in layers it helps the flower stay in place

  1. Boil water and let cool completely.
  2. Make sure all flowers and herbs are washed.
  3. Fill the bottom third of ice cube tray with water and add flower. Freeze until solid.
  4. Add more water (and flowers if desired) freeze until solid.
  5. Top the cub off with the rest of the water.
  6. Store in the freezer until ready to use.

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Julia Blake
Julia Blake


CEO/ Creative Director at Pale Violet