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Two Piece Sets and Sunsets

September 17, 2015
The weather in Downtown Los Angeles has recently been the hottest that we've experienced all summer. Swimming, shopping, picnics, and music in the park have been some of the most refreshing and relaxing outside activities to do with family and friends during this time. Nothing makes these summer activities more exciting than having a cute and comfortable outfit to go with it. Two-piece sets are perfect for going out with your best friends or getting a scoop of ice cream at a local ice cream shop! These two piece sets aren't just perfect for relaxing days with friends, but can make a simple summer trip look casually chic. 
These sets are perfect for the summer because it's easier to mix and match different pieces for different occasions. As the day goes on it is easier to go from having a long day in class to having a Friday night out with the girls. At Pale Violet we love these sets because they are so comfortable and make any outfit look like a breeze. I love that I am able to switch from my Miista Anamaria Soft Pink flats to Miista Elizabeth Mushroom heels whenever I want to dress down or dress up for an occasion. Two piece sets are one of the most popular trends going around this summer because they are so cute and make getting ready look effortless. These fun sets are for everyone who want to mix it up without feeling like they are missing an extra piece in their closets.

Katy Kinnon
Katy Kinnon