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Taco Tuesday

December 08, 2015
Who doesn't love Taco Tuesday? More importantly, who doesn't love to dress for the occasion? I'm a girl many talents, some including eating copious amounts of food and making an outfit match for even the simplest of occasions. So, when we got our new Daisy Natives tee's in the store, I was more than thrilled. Thinking of all the cheesy Instagram opportunities stemming from just one shirt had me excited as a kid on Christmas morning.
tacos and champagne t-shirt daisy natives
I love to put as little effort into an outfit as possible while still remaining put-together, so t-shirts are often go-to items in my closet. So, just the simple fact that this new arrival was a t-shirt gave it my seal of approval. My love didn't stop there though. Once I pulled this shirt out of the box, I was immediately happy with how soft and comfortable it was. Finally, the design made this tee the ultimate winner in my book. A classic white shirt with simple black lettering. Enough to for everyone to know that you're wearing a graphic tee without being obnoxious with over printing.
Ready to show off this new arrival, I threw it on and paired it with another one of my favorite new arrivals, the Black Fur Mini Skirt. I, like most of you probably are, am completely obsessed with all things Scream Queens fashion right now. If I could dress like a Chanel everyday, you bet I'd be out rocking those chic fur and bouclé looks all the time. But, we can't all be a Chanel, so for now I'm living in this fur trimmed skirt dreaming of a Scream Queens fashion filled world. Finally, I finished the look with our new Quay Kosha Clear Shades.  I'm Taco Tuesday ready, without a doubt.

Katy Kinnon
Katy Kinnon